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Profilink 82 mm

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PROFILINK 82 mm is a 7-chamber system with profile depth of 82 mm, which is used for production of high quality PVC windows. This system has a modern design and straight lines, providing an elegant and minimal look to the windows.

frame depth 82mm
7 chambered system
Uf= 1.1 W/m2K

Profilink 82 mm

Creative solutions for a sustainable future.


The 7-chamber construction of the profile system provides excellent thermal insulation.

Noise protection 

The system allows the installation of wide and special glazing, creating a solid barrier and effective noise protection.


The glazing can be up to 46mm thick (with SDG tape) giving the  possibility to fit the most advanced thermal and acoustic glazing.


Three levels of sealing provide a reliable barrier against temperature and weather.

Statics and stability

Being of high quality and durability, PROFILINK products are distinguished for their long use.